These are the main parks in Haikou:

  • Wan Lu Yuan (Thousands Green park).
  • Jin Niu Ling Yuan (Golden Bull Mountain-Peak park).
  • Renmin Gongyuan (People's Park), next to East Lake.
  • Baishamen (White Sand Beach). A park built next to the beach.

Wan Lu Yuan has more large open green areas, whereas Jin Niu has more winding paths and thick tropical vegetation. Join the locals on a sunny afternoon at Wan Lu Yuan flying a kite (can be bought for a few RMB at the gate) and playing badminton.

If your interested in Tai Chi (Taijiquan), push hands, or other martial arts then go Renmin Park in the morning before 11.00am. Haikou residents practice most days at the park.

Renmin park also has wood carving stalls next to East Lake on weekends. You can see examples of the traditional Chinese art form that involves carving tree stumps.

Baishamen is close to the Banana Hostel, about 1.5 km away on the north coast.